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Wal Bon Tak, La Me Bar

Deity Tiger Rider Healer of Negativity

This was given to Beth by Geshe Chongtul Rinpoche (Tog Den Won Po Chongtul Rinpoche) in February of 2024; along with the Sherab Chamma

Meet Beth

Lopon Bön Chong Ma

My passion is in being able to assist people to bring energy back to themselves in a healing manner combined with coaching them to better navigate the obstacles in their lives. How did I get to this point in my life? By combining a foundation in solid recovery and seeking additional healing to move me forward when I was stuck. This journey has included a recovery program, earning my CPC, CPRC ACE and CFAA, counselling, therapy and healing energy sessions.

My training / life experiences has allowed me to witness energy numerous forms. Along with the power of being balanced vs. unbalanced. And as a result, my physical, emotional / mental and spiritual path has led me to study various forms of religion and spirituality. After much seeking, I found my spiritual home in the Bön spiritual practices. (Bön is the indigenous religion of Tibet.)

I became a certified said Tse Dup Drup Shen Ma meaning (soul healer) in the Tibetan energy healing system of Tse Dup Yang Bod Soul Healing. For one to be content and healthy, we need a balanced energy system. Due to stress, trauma or disease, our energies become blocked or lost resulting in what the Tibetan culture refers to as soul loss. Soul loss leads to the decrease in energy in important life areas. In the Tse Dup Yang Bod Soul Healing Classes I discuss the signs of blocked energy and how to utilize the profound form of healing energy to regain balance. I have witnessed this form of energy healing in myself and others to the extent that I continued the studies to become a Lopon (Certified Teacher).   I love being able to share this with anyone who is willing to learn.


My Mission

To empower clients to identify and remove obstacles that block the path to being their better selves.

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