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Updated: May 31

Tashi Delek Everyone,

Do you know that You are a GIFT in my life, and I would like to convey my deepest appreciation and gratitude to you for being part of it. Whether you are a past, present, or a future GIFT. As mid-year is approaching, I find myself reflecting upon the first 5 months. This period has brought me a renewed and profound value of connection, deep healing, serving others, personal growth, and using my gifts to help you identify and develop your gifts.

I am not speaking of the kind of gifts that come wrapped in pretty paper or sparkly bags. 

I mean the intangible gifts that YOU have been blessed with. Such as the gift of empathy, listening, creativity, humor, love, gratitude, drive, grace, growth, joy, presence, intuition or vision. These gifts (and many others) are the threads that weave through the fabric of our lives, connecting us in ways that go beyond material possessions. Many of us get so tangled in samsara that we lose our connection to these gifts. We stop seeking and developing our gifts.

Just as we receive these invaluable gifts, we also have the power to develop and bestow them upon others. In doing so, we contribute to the delicate balance of the universe. These gifts, when given have a ripple effect, creating positive energy that transcends boundaries. 

How have you shared your GIFTS with others this past year? How might you do that more in the year ahead? 

I am spending the next few weeks in deep reflection and taking the time to share the GIFTS that I have chosen to develop. Ask yourself: What does this really mean for me, how do I want to live my life when it comes to sharing my gifts and how do I want my gifts to be reflected in the world around me? 

What is your plan for your gifts throughout this year? What would help you to use your GIFTS even more?  I would love to know. I really would... share with me! 

I am grateful for you. 

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