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Mediation — Why & How?

Becoming whole is akin to climbing a spiral staircase; it takes us upward but also in circles. We are likely to encounter many obstacles but they will appear differently at each level or simply disappear from your view. 

Meditation is a very broad topic which I have been seeking, learning and practicing over 36 years.  I consider myself a seeker of my natural mind throughout this journey and have often thought “I found the answer!”  The answer I found was the one that was right for me in that place and time and has changed over the years.  Perhaps because I reached the age of 65 and am simply older, and some say much wiser.   It really does not matter, as I am who lives in this present moment and time. And by the time this is published, perhaps I will have changed again.  The one thing that remains clear to me that “I” am not a Universal Power. I believe a Universal Power may reside outside of one or within. This power could be seen as an inner goddess, Life Force, a divine nature, Universal energy, Higher power or God (in the Christian sense), nature, a high state of consciousness or any other label that it is assigned.

I find that I meditate to connect with a universal energy to regain emotional or physical balance and to feel connected to others within the greater web of life. I give attention daily to this special connection that has been developed and strengthened through the Yung Drung Bon Preliminary Practices and Tse Dup Yang Bod Soul Healing practice. (Tse means life force   Dup means to intensify   Yang means the highest essence of the soul energy, Bod means to retrieve through dedicated practice). An ancient Tibetan energetic healing practice that dates to the 7th century and is a very deep and comprehensive Tibetan healing system & spiritual practice. The 7th century Tibetan Bon text written by Lama Tsewang Rigzin, the Tse Du Jha Ri Ma. The teaching itself is composed of the long-life empowerment rituals, soul retrieval, and life force retrieval. The related Long-Life rituals help to facilitate healing and bring harmony. It is known as a longevity practice for balancing the soul & life force energies which can be performed for oneself as a daily practice or for the healing benefit of others.

For those of you who have studied with Lopon Bon Chong Ma or if you are feeling stuck, can’t seem to reach your goals, perhaps in need of more peace? Was your day overwhelming? 

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